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Fabric Protectant, Protector, 1 gal Jug, Fire Retardant Materials, Each

MOLECULE PROTECTOR creates a protective coating that helps technical fabrics, including Nomex®, repel stains, water, oil and flammable liquids. UV protection element provides color-fade resistance while maintaining look, feel, breathability and overall performance of garment.

  • Keeps gear cleaner and safer by resisting contaminants that can degrade fabric performance
  • Spray on and tumble dry to create a durable protective coating
  • Fabric sunscreen reduces color fading caused by UV rays
  • Water-based formula, tested by SFI not to increase the flammability of garment
  • Resists petroleum-based stains, while shedding water, oils, and dirt
  • Maintains fabric breathability
  • Recommended for technical fabrics, including Nomex®