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LUBEGARD® FREE-EZE RUSTED CYLINDER TREATMENT is a blend of biodegradable synthetic oil and LXE esters for applications in gas or diesel engines. FREE-EZE is designed to penetrate and attack flash rust on steel surfaces, freeing critical cylinder components, providing a thin film of lubricant to protect the freed parts from binding and scoring. FREE-EZE burns cleanly leaving no deposits behind.

FREE-EZE can be used as a fogging oil to protect seasonal engines from rusting while they are in storage. FREE-EZE acts as a lubricant to allow movement of rust compromised components without additional damage as well as being a penetrating oil.

  • Frees up seized/frozen engine cylinders and other mechanisms
  • Removes rust where access is limited
  • Superior corrosion protection
  • Lubricates critical moving parts
  • Ideal fogging oil for extended storage of vehicle engines
  • Protects engines from dry starts