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Constant velocity and articulated joint lubricant. Anti-seize lubricating paste to 1200°F


  • Sold As Tube
  • CV 500 Grease
  • Constant Velocity and Articulated Joint Lubricant
  • Anti-seize Lubricating Paste to 750 degree F

Specifications Value

  • NLGI Grade 2 1/2
  • Worked Penetration at 60 Strokes 250
  • Dropping Point, degree C 315
  • Base Oil, ISO VG Grade 1000
  • Pour Point, degree C, (F) +5 (+41)
  • Flash Point, degree C, (F) +270 (518)
  • Shell 4 Ball EP, weld load Kg Does not Weld at 800Kg
  • Load Wear Index 200

Special Applications: Anti seize to 750 degree F. Assembly and spline Lubricant, Racing Cam Lubricant, Press Fitting Stainless Steel, Jack Screws, High Temperature Open Gear Lubricant, Mechanical Presses, Dipper Sticks and Fasteners. Pump and valve lubrication in corrosive environments. MoS2 (Moly) is recommended for all constant velocity joints except for double articulated spider types.