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NEO HP800 Heavy Duty EP grease is for plain and rolling element bearings, and sliding mechanisms operating in generally difficult conditions.


  • Grease Heavy Duty HP 800 Lubricate to 800 Degree F
  • Sold As a Cartridge

Ideal for use in high temperature lubricated packing boxes, hot and cold rolling mills, slabbing mills, ladle pins, continuous casting wheels, converter bearings, overhead conveyor bearings; also bushings, bearings, and cutter head mechanisms on continuous mining machines.

Unexcelled for high speed, highly loaded couplings and splines found in steel mill operations. NLGI grade 1 1/2 designed for grease lubricated roll neck bearings and automatic grease dispensing systems.


  • Classified as N.L.G.I Grade 1 1/2
  • Penetration 292
  • Mechanical Stability
  • 100,000 strokes 308
  • Percent Change 4.4 percent.
  • Dropping Point less than 600 degree F
  • (Modified drop test in house) 800 degree F
  • Evaporation Wt. Loss at 250 degree F, 24hr .045 percent
  • Copper Corrosion at 212 degree F 3hrs 1 Lb
  • 4-Ball EP Weld Load 350Kg
  • Oil Viscosity at 100 degree F 2500 SUS
  • At 210 degree F 210 SUS
  • Flash Point 577 degree F
  • Pour Point -30 degree F
  • Timken Ok Load 60 Lbs