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Winner of 9 Industry Awards! - Removes contaminants from transmission cooler lines safely and completely.

LUBEGARD Kooler Kleen Trans Flush uses a proprietary mix of detergents to safely clean transmission lines in automatic, CVT, DCT and manual transmissions. This product works without any water to remove grease, dirt, grime, and metal shavings that can clog up the lines. And it inhibits their return. Because of its unique solvent formulation, it will not degrade new automatic transmission fluid. The safest, most complete Transmission Cooler Line Flush available!

Flushes out grease, dirt, sludge and metal shavings

  • No water/soapy residue left to contaminate new automatic transmission fluid
  • Prevents contamination of new or rebuilt units
  • Prevents costly comebacks
  • Formulated to not harm seals
  • Contains no CFC’s or chlorinated solvents
  • OEM and large rebuilder approved
  • Ideal for those that do not have a dedicated flushing machine
  • Reduces warranty claims
  • Essential for installers and others that ship out transmissions
  • NEW 2-in-1 fitting eliminates the need to stock multiple cans and is more user friendly with  a wider range of applications including CVT and DCT transmissions.