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Our precision built 53" 2 1/4" X .120" wall 4130 chromoly front axle sets the industry standard for quality and accuracy. 10/10 kingpin degree ensures proper wheel angle, giving you maximum feel from your front end assembly. Preferred for non-wing racing, our axles are plated for a great finished look and come with reamed bosses to make for easy installation.

53" Axles work best with 49" Tie Rods and Triple X Combo & Steering Arms.

Features ...
  • Axle king pin bosses are reamed prior to shipping.
  • Threaded panhard bar stud.
  • Threaded shock mounts.

Axle (tube) Material: 4130 Chromoly
Axle Width: 53"
Axle Diameter: 2 1/4"
Axle Wall Thickness: .120"
Right Front Caster: 10°
Right Front Camber: 10°
Left Front Caster: 10°
Left Front Camber: 10°
Offset: 2 1/2" Right Offset. 1/2" Left Offset.
Finish: Plated
Total weight: 15.5 lb