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Introducing Zamp’s exclusive… Photochromatic Shields! Now, you can seamlessly transition from bright to dark racing conditions without the hassle of changing shields.
The innovative Z-20 Photochromatic Shield is designed to smoothly transition from clear to dark smoke, clear prism to red prism, gold prism, or blue prism (or vice versa) depending on the brightness of the track, without having to change the shield! This means you don’t have to worry about changing the shield in the middle of a race day!
With this one shield, you’re covered for both night and day racing conditions. It’s convenience, performance, and safety all rolled into one. 

Tear Off Note:
If your tear offs are not allowing the photochromatic to work, it is because the tear off or adhesive is blocking the UV light. Z-Optics Tear Offs do not block UV light, allowing the photochromatic shields to work

Zamp Photochromatic Shields are available in Smoke, Red Prism, Blue Prism and Gold Prism!